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Description : LED indications <Failed to scan head alignment sheet.>
How to perform Print Head Alignment (Windows)

Print Head Alignment adjusts differences in the print head position and corrects horizontal and vertical shifts when printing graphs, lines, and text.

< Procedures >

Confirm that the printer is connected to the computer and the printer is powered ON.

1. Open Printers.

- For Windows XP Home Edition
Click/Select "Start," "Control Panel," "Printers and Other Hardware," and "Printers and Faxes."

- For Windows XP Professional Edition
Click "Start" and "Printers and Faxes."

- For Windows 2000/Me/98
Click/Select "Start," and "Settings," then "Printers."

2. Right-click the icon of the printer to select Properties in the displayed list.

3. Select Maintenance tab and click Print Head Alignment.

*Display varies according to the printer model.

4. Set the paper thickness lever to the left, and load a sheet of A4 or letter size plain paper in the auto sheet feeder.
Click Print Head Alignment.

5. Printing will start. Check the displayed message, and click OK.

Do not perform any other operations until printing is completed.

6. The pattern will be printed.

7. When the pattern is printed successfully, click Yes in the confirmation window.

If nothing is printed, or if the print is noticeably faint, click No and try again from the beginning.

8. Referring to the printed sheet, enter the numbers on the Print Head Alignment window.

8-1. Select the pattern with the least amount of vertical streaking in the field for column A.
8-2. Enter the pattern number of the selected pattern in the Column A box displayed in the right side of the screen.
8-3. Similarly, enter the numbers of the selected patterns in the column B to L boxes.

<1> An example of the pattern with highly visible amount of vertical streaking.
<2> An example of the pattern with less visible amount of vertical streaking.

8-4. When all the numbers are entered, click OK.

9. When the message "Print head alignment is now completed" is displayed, click OK.

Performing Print Head Alignment is completed.

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