How to perform the wireless LAN setup manually(Windows)

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Before connecting the machine to the network, the computer needs to be connected to the network. Make sure that configuration of the computer and access point or router is complete.
Add (connect) the machine to the network.

Notes on Wireless Connection
  • The configuration, router functions, setup procedures and security settings of the network device vary depending on your system environment. For details, refer to your device's instruction manual or contact its manufacturer.
  • In an office setup, consult your network administrator.
  • If you connect to a network that is not protected with security measures, there is a risk of disclosing data such as your personal information to a third party.
  • If an error message appears or if you have trouble with the network connection, refer to the printed manual: Network Setup Troubleshooting.
An "Ad-hoc connection," which establishes a direct connection to the computer over a wireless connection without using an access point, is not supported. Be sure to prepare an access point.

Install the Software
  • To use the machine by connecting it to a computer, software including the drivers needs to be copied (installed) to the computer's hard disk. The installation process takes about 20 minutes. (The installation time varies depending on the computer environment or the number of application software to be installed.)
  • Screens are based on Windows Vista Ultimate.
  • Quit all running applications before installation.
  • Log on as the administrator (or a member of the Administrators group).
  • Do not switch users during the installation process.
  • Internet connection may be required during the installation. Connection fees may apply. Consult the internet service provider.
  • It may be necessary to restart your computer during the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions and do not remove the Setup CD-ROM during restarting. The installation resumes once your computer has restarted.
  • If the firewall function of your security software is turned on, a warning message may appear that Canon software is attempting to access the network. If such a warning message appears, set the security software to always allow access.

  • If you connect the machine via Wireless LAN setup cable before installing the software:
For Windows 7
(1) Remove the Wireless LAN setup cable connected to your computer.
(2) Proceed to 1.
For Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows 2000
The following dialog box may appear.
(1)Remove the Wireless LAN setup cable connected to your computer.
If the dialog box closes, proceed 1.
(2)Click Cancel.
(3)Proceed to 1.
  • Easy-WebPrint EX
If you are using Internet Explorer 7 or later, you can use the Web print software Easy-WebPrint EX. An internet connection is required for installation.

Do not connect the Wireless LAN setup cable yet.
Software installation requires temporary use of the
Wireless LAN setup cable.

Turn on the computer, then insert the Setup CDROM into the CD-ROM drive.
If you are using Windows, the setup program starts automatically.
If the program does not start automatically, double-click the CD-ROM icon in Computer or My Computer. When the CD-ROM contents appear, double-click MSETUP4.EXE.

Windows 7/Windows Vista -> 2
Windows XP/Windows 2000 -> 3

Click Run Msetup4.exe on the AutoPlay screen, then click Continue or Yes on the User Account Control dialog box.
If the User Account Control dialog box reappears in following steps, click Continue or Yes.

Select your place of residence, then click Next.
If the Select Language screen appears, select a language, then click Next.

Select a country or region, then click Next.
Displayed only when Europe, Middle East, Africa or Asia is selected on the screen in 3.

Click Easy Install.
The drivers, application software, and on-screen manuals are installed all together.
  • If you want to select particular items to install, click Custom Install.
For Windows 7/Windows Vista SP1 or later
  • You can install the XPS Printer Driver from Custom Install. When installing the XPS Printer Driver, select the MP Drivers at the same time.
  • For details on useful functions of the XPS Printer Driver, refer to the on-screen manual: Advanced Guide after installation is complete.

Click Install.
To install Easy-WebPrint EX, you need to connect your computer to the internet at this stage. (Internet Explorer 7 or later is required.) If an internet connection is not available, it is also possible to install this software later.

Select Use the printer on network, then click Next.
Follow any on-screen instructions to proceed with the software installation.

When the Printer Detection screen appears, click Next.
  • If the Printer Connection screen appears instead of the screen above, the connection method is not correctly selected in 7.
Click Cancel and start again from 6, then be sure to select Use the printer on network in 7.

Make sure the machine is turned on, then click OK.

When the Set Up New Printer screen appears, click Next.
If the Detected Printers List screen appears, click Set Up New Printer.

When the Connect Cable screen appears, connect the machine to the computer with the Wireless LAN setup cable.

  • Proceed with the installation according to the displayed screen.
The Detected Access Points List screen -> Go to 12-A.
The Confirm Connection Access Point screen -> Go to 12-B.

  • If the Detected Access Points List screen appears
1.Select the target access point name/network name (SSID).
2.Enter the network key.
Enter upper and lower case letters of the alphabet correctly. Letters are case sensitive.
To use WEP key number 2, 3 or 4, click WEP Key Number, then specify the WEP key number.
3.Click Connect.
-> Go to 13.
  • If the target access point is not displayed on the Detected Access Points List screen, refer to the printed manual: Network Setup Troubleshooting.
  • For details on how to check the access point name/network name (SSID) and network key, refer to the manual supplied with your access point or contact its manufacturer.

An identifier to identify the specific access point.
Network Key
Also referred to as encryption key, WEP key or WPA/WPA2 passphrase, Pre-Shared key. A password required to set to prevent unauthorized access to communication.

  • When the Confirm Connection Access Point screen appears
Make sure that the target access point is displayed, then click Yes.
If you are using Macintosh, a screen asking for permission to access the keychain appears. In this case, click Allow or Allow Once.
-> Go to 13.
If the target access point is not displayed in the above screen, click No, then perform 12-A.

When the Disconnect Cable screen appears, remove the Wireless LAN setup cable, then click Next.
If the Automatic Setup or Auto Setup screen appears, click OK, then perform 12-A.

When the Setup Completion screen appears, click Complete or OK.

Install the Software (Information)
Click Next.
Follow any on-screen instructions to proceed with the software installation.

Important Information for the Installation

  • Necessary Information for the User Registration
The product serial number is required when registering the product. The serial number is located inside the machine (as shown in the illustration).
If the power is on, the FINE Cartridge Holder will move when the Scanning Unit (Cover) (A) is opened.
The User Registration screen will only be
displayed when Europe, Middle East, Africa is selected on the Select Your Place of
Residence screen.

  • If the Extended Survey Program screen appears
If you can agree to Extended Survey Program, click Agree.
If you click Do not agree, the Extended Survey Program will not be installed. (This has no effect on the machine's functionality.)

Click Exit to complete the installation.
If Restart is displayed, follow the instruction to restart the computer.
  • Remove the Setup CD-ROM and keep it in a safe place.
  • The buttons displayed on Solution Menu may vary depending on the country or region of purchase.

Solution Menu starts automatically.

- Using the Machine from Additional Computers

Now that the wireless connection of the machine is complete, it can be used from additional computers on the same network.
Install software including the drivers on the computer from which you want to use the machine. Other settings are not required.

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